Hello, we are Indesser

We offer the public sector a single route to use the best available private sector debt recovery and analytics services.

Who we are

Indesser was founded in 2015, following a competitive tender process run by Her Majesty’s Government. We are a private business, jointly owned by the government and TDX Group, offering government departments a single route to use the private sector to recover debt.

Debt owed to Central Government, is estimated to exceed £25 billion (of which £5 billion to £7 billion is over 90 days old) and originates from many sources including unpaid fees, fines and loans, benefits or tax credit overpayments, unrecovered costs from court cases, and taxes.

The service we provide is founded on the principle of defining the best and most appropriate level of debt collection activity based on the debt and the individual’s circumstances. We do this by using data, insight and the best specialist suppliers in the market.


What we do

We provide a comprehensive range of debt management services to government and the wider public sector, including fraud and error, analytics, collection, enforcement, etc.

We are not a debt collection agency. We work with a range of private sector suppliers to deliver HMG objectives.

We do this by using data and insight to enhance the understanding of consumers who owe money, and then define the best and most appropriate level and type of collections activity based on their circumstances. We use tried and tested and highly regarded specialist suppliers to recover money owed.

Because we are the single point of access for government departments to use private sector debt recovery specialists, we can apply learnings across all our clients to improve efficiency and achieve fairer outcomes.

“Establishing this company is an innovative approach which will build a sustainable and world-class recovery service for the public sector, and intelligently tackling a complex problem.”
Francis Maude, Minister for the Cabinet Office December 2014.