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Debt strategy and vision

Meet Steve and learn about The Cabinet Office's vision to change debt within the public sector

Steven Coppard

Deputy Director Cross Government Debt Management Function

Steven Coppard, Indesser

Steve heads up the Cross Government Debt Policy & Strategy in the Cabinet Office and has a real drive to ensure improved efficiency and effectiveness across government. He has worked on government debt since 2001, starting as a collector on the phones in HM Customs & Excise, before moving into HMRC's debt transformation programme and then on to commercial management of its private sector debt contracts.

Steve moved into the Cabinet Office in 2016 to head up the Debt Market Integrator programme. He is now working to implement an NAO recommendation, which will see the remit of the Cross Government Debt Strategy expanded to include local authorities.

The Cross Government Debt Management strategy vision

To establish a HM government debt management function that is consistent with best practice, Departmental Strategic Objectives, and government priorities, and is effective, efficient and fair in its delivery.

The Cabinet Office's priority work

Our vision is delivered through the following priority work:

  • Implementing the Cross Government Debt Management Strategy
  • Embedding and assessing maturity against the HMG Debt Standard
  • Engaging with the Debt Advice Sector through Fairness Group
  • Providing commercial oversight for the Debt Market Integrator(DMI) contract
  • Expanding the Debt Centre of Excellenceoffering
  • Exploring the scope for a Debt Profession
  • Facilitating debt data sharing pilots using the Digital Economy Act


Why the Government established the Indesser joint venture.

Hear Steve talk in more detail about why the Government established the Indesser joint venture as the Debt Market Integrator.


Indesser offer local authorities a fair and effective approach to debt recovery.

Listen to Steve discuss the collection of Council Tax arrears and how Indesser offer a different approach for local authorities to recover outstanding debts.


Why is the identification of vulnerable customers important?

Steve explains why the identification of vulnerable customers is so important to the Cabinet Office.


Why enforcement should not be the default option in public sector debt recovery.

Steve explains explains why enforcement should not be the default option for the recovery of debts within the public sector, and should be used as a last not and not first resort.


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