The Indesser team

Our senior team is made up of individuals who have extensive experience in managing data and debt from the founding companies.

Andy Briscoe


Andy has and extensive career in the FS sector, chairing and serving on the boards of a range of companies.

His experience ranges from credit card, insurance to private equity.

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Helen Lederer

Deputy Director Corporate Services, Prime Minister’s Office

Non-executive director

Helen is a Senior Civil Servant leading the provision of corporate services at No 10 Downing Street and her responsibilities extend to ICTS, Security, Finance, HR and Infrastructure modernisation.

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Andrew Baigent

Chief Finance Officer, HM Courts and Tribunals Service

Non-executive director

Andrew was appointed as Chief Finance Officer at HM Courts & Tribunals Service from 14 August 2017. Andrew joined the Department of Health in his role as Finance Director.

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Steve Reeve

Non-executive Director

Non executive-director

Steve is a non-executive director of Indesser and Chief Compliance and Risk Officer for TDX Group and Equifax. His role is to represent the interests of Equifax as a shareholder at the Indesser Board and promote the long term success and viability of the Indesser joint venture.

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Rhona Parry

Chief Executive Officer

For over 16 years, Rhona has worked in public policy roles across the communications and technology sectors. Rhona started her career in the civil service in a variety...

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Patricio Remon

President, Europe (Equifax)

Non-executive director

As President for Europe, UK and Ireland, Patricio has held a number of Equifax leadership roles, including General Manager of Peru and Ecuador and most recently spearheading initiatives in Spain and Portugal.

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Paul Verner

Chief Operating Officer and Board Director

Paul has an abundance of experience in the public and private sector and has been with the wider business since 2007. As Indesser's COO Paul is responsible for client relationships and the operational and technological aspects of the business.

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Richard Haymes

Director of Consumer Affairs, Strategy and Market Development

Richard has worked for TDX Group, Equifax and Indesser in a number of roles since 2015. Richard's previous experience comes from StepChange, PayPlan and Capital One.

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Oliver Abbott

Strategic Account Director

Oliver joined the Indesser team in 2019, having worked for Experian and TransUnion within the public sector arena. Oliver is based in both Nottingham and Leeds offices.

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Mark Nicholson

Principal Consultant

Mark has a proven track record of using data, analytics and IT to help solve problems for clients in both the public and private sectors. His role within Indesser is to help establish our value proposition to clients.

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Mary Alcock

Head of Client Management

With more than 20 years’ experience of client management, Mary previously worked for TDX Group, Experian and Royal Mail. During this time, she has worked with a number of industries including financial services, utilities and the government.

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Oliver Vogel

Performance Director

Oliver has over 10 years’ experience working in the credit and debt sectors across a variety of analytical and leadership roles. In Indesser, he works as a Performance Director, responsible for different areas of the business.

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Barnaby Tompkins

Senior Solutions Consultant

Barnaby's role within Indesser is two-fold, firstly to support customers in understanding how Indesser’s wide range of services, especially data and analytical services, can help add value to their operations. Secondly to engage the wider supply chain and find solutions which meet the unique needs of government in the area of debt, error and fraud.

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Naushin Mulla

Client Relationship Manager

Naushin has over 10 years' experience working within the debt industry in the utilities and financial services sector, with previous management roles in litigation and insolvency.

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Andrew Sinclair

Senior Analytical Consultant

Andrew has over 10 years’ experience in consulting on client and internal needs to drive value and build collaborative relationships.

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Michelle Lindsay

Client Relationship Manager

Michelle is a Client Relationship Manager at Indesser and looks after a number of central government clients.

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James Hilton

Sales Director

James has over 20 years’ experience of working with Central, Regional and Local Government with a focus on using data to improve counter-fraud, debt management and customer service outcomes. 

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Robert Shefras

Business Development Manager

Rob spearheads the Indesser local authority team, working closely with a number of organisations by understanding their current processes, projects and priorities.

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Jon Hill

Senior Client Relationship Manager

As Indesser's Senior Client Relationship Manager, my goal is to help our clients through a trusted partnership, understand their existing and future challenges, identify the real problems and help address them.

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Melissa Pájaro

Contract Compliance and Change Manager

Melissa has been with this business since 2018 and was instrumental in the implementation of the first clients for Digital Debt Gateway. Melissa has a BA of Business Administration and Management and over 3 years' experience. 

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