Article01 Feb 2021

2020 Annual Review published

This week marks the anniversary of the first identified coronavirus cases in the UK. Twelve months on, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to challenge every individual, family and organisation in different ways. Many people are more vulnerable, and it is vital that debt collection does not exacerbate the growing pressure on people’s mental health or financial vulnerability.

As we continue to map our route out of this pandemic, I am heartened that we see people are still choosing to engage and have conversations around their problem debt. This open communication is key to helping reach the right outcome for both individuals and organisations. Indesser’s business model is rooted in the principle of treating people fairly, a mission that is more important than ever before. During the pandemic, we have further developed and refined our data and analytics capabilities to identify the most vulnerable people in debt, providing them with support and assistance to help them get back on their feet.

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As I reflect on the past twelve months, the resilience, tenacity and team effort of our colleagues has delivered some remarkable achievements. Our 2020 Annual Review describes some of these milestones – across social value, innovation, and consumer outcomes. While it continues to be a challenging period for us all, Indesser have a special role to play in the national response to COVID-19. As Lord Agnew says,“Indesser will remain an important partner for government as we support people to get out of debt in the years ahead.

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