News16 Oct 2019

Best Public Sector Collections Team

On 16th October 2019 the Indesser team, including members of The Cabinet Office, joined Credit Strategy and an array of industry leaders at the Vulnerability Summit in Manchester. At the summit the award ceremonies were split into two, with Indesser and The Cabinet Office being nominated for Best Public Sector Collections Team at the CCS awards.

We are happy to announce that Indesser and The Cabinet Office won the award, taking home the title of Best Public Sector Collections Team 2019. 

The nomination was made based on the work that Indesser has done, in partnership with The Cabinet Office, over the last few years. Since inception, Indesser has amassed statistics such as:

  • c.£7 billion of UK Government client debt has been placed and managed
  • Around 7,000 users of Indesser enabled data and analytics services
  • We've handled more than 10 million accounts

The award win was no easy feat and would not have been successful without the help of a number of key relationships, namely the UK Government and TDX Group - both of whom are behind the joint venture that is Indesser.

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