Indesser hosted online events helping our clients to make better use of data and analytics in public sector fraud, error and debt.

Debt Portfolio Analysis Webinar

Date: Wednesday 21st October

​How debt portfolio analysis can provide the insight necessary to improve your debt recovery

To ensure the implementation of fair and effective treatment strategies, central and local government organisations need to have a thorough understanding of the financial status and other personal attributes of those who are in debt.

This has never been more important, when the COVID-19 crisis is having such a significant and often rapidly-changing effect on people, many of whom may never have been in debt before.

This webinar provided an overview of how ‘debt portfolio analysis’ can offer you with the insight necessary to improve your debt recovery by using data and analytics to enrich and segment your debt portfolios, and then help identify the most appropriate treatment strategy to apply to each segment.

Our webinar included:

  • Use cases for debt portfolio analysis
  • The benefits that can be derived from debt portfolio analysis
  • How debt portfolio analysis work
  • The results that debt portfolio analysis provides


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