Indesser hosted online events helping our clients to make better use of data and analytics in public sector fraud, error and debt.

Single Customer View

In this webinar, we discuss how a ‘Single Customer View could transform the collection of public sector and help to treat customers fairly. A recording of the Indesser July 2020 webinar with our clients to discuss the benefits, potential barriers and how Indesser can help.

Webinar: Treating citizens fairly How a ‘Single Customer View’ of
debtors could transform the collection of public sector debt

Whilst the concept of a single customer view of debtors is not a new one, there is currently increased support  to make this a realistic goal for the public sector’.

In this webinar we discuss the support for the creation of a single customer view across central and local government and why now it's more important than ever. We also cover the benefits the public sector as a whole could gain, the potential barriers which might need to be overcome to make this a reality and how Indesser could help make this possible.

If you missed the webinar, you can view the recording below or read our article on this topic on our blog.


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