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Debt Charity support during COVID-19

In this webinar, Vanessa Northam, Head of Strategic Relationships at StepChange Debt Charity, outlined the work of the Debt Charities, and the support that they can give to individuals and Government organisations during the current crisis (and beyond).

Webinar: How Debt Charities can provide support during the COVID-19 crisis

Despite the Government’s assistance, the current COVID-19 crisis is leading to more individuals facing financial hardship, either as the result of having being furloughed or, worse still, of having been laid off. Such individuals can benefit from the support and advice provided by the Debt  Charities, as can the Government organisations who are owed money.

This webinar, run jointly between Indesser and StepChannge covered the following points:

  • StepChange’s response to the COVID-19 crisis
  • How referrals to StepChange are handled and the support that is provided
  • The future trends in referrals and in debt repayments by individuals that StepChange envisage occurring in the near to mid-term
  • The ‘policy asks’ of Government that StepChange have

If you missed the webinar, you can view the recording below:


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