Recoveries Management

Improve customer outcomes and optimise your debt recovery with Indesser’s recoveries management service

Optimise debt recovery in a fair, effective and profitable way

The use of proven, effective and fair treatment strategies based on enriched customer data, advanced analytics and devised and implemented by specialists

Indesser is owned by TDX Group, the UK’s leading provider of debt recovery solutions, who has helped organisations manage their debt for over ten years. Indesser is able to capitalise on TDX Group’s knowledge and experience in order to provide the public sector with a full recoveries management service that uses proven, effective and fair treatment strategies based on enriched customer data, advanced analytics and devised and implemented by specialists. 

Our service is based on best practice in five areas, as shown below:

Recoveries Management with Indesser

  1. Consumer insights

    Each of your debt portfolios is enriched with additional data from a number of sources to provide the best view of your customer, be they an individual or a business. This includes trace and contact data, financial data and demographic data that provide a deeper insight into the customer, their current whereabouts, and their personal circumstances.
  2. Expertise and advice

    Our team are knowledgeable and experts in using your enriched data to help determine the best way to segment your debt portfolio(s) and identify the optimal debt recovery strategy for each segment. These strategies are continually optimised as new data becomes available, and  include allocating each debt to the best debt collection agency (DCA) from our FCA regulated panel to ensure the right outcome whilst always treating customers fairly.
  3. Process management

    We use tried and tested process management routines that ensure the smooth operation of all aspects of our recoveries management service. These include managing our own internal processes, those of our suppliers and the DCAs, as well as our client and customer-facing processes such as customer contact, managing queries, payments and invoicing.
  4. Full market access

    Our consultants and other subject-matter experts have extensive experience of providing recoveries management systems to clients in a number of different markets, covering both the public and private sectors. This enables them to identify ‘best practice’ in debt recovery whilst ensuring that any differences in approach necessary to meet the requirements of a specific market, and to then provide an optimal solution, are fully addressed in the provision of our services to each specific client.
  5. Technology

    We use a highly-robust, secure and accredited technology infrastructure that we have purpose built to support our debt recovery solutions. 

Benefits of Recoveries Management

Provision of insight

Provision of insight

We know how to help you get the best out of our data to provide real customer insight

Security and stability

Security and stability

Fully accredited for ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems and ISO 27001 Information Security Management

Extra resource

Extra resource

Utilise our resource to allow movement of staff internally for more efficient purposes

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