Public Sector Gateway

Access data on citizens and businesses to assist debt recovery and other business processes.

What is Public Sector Gateway?

A secure, configurable web-based service that enables access to online reports providing comprehensive data for specific business needs

Public sector organisations need access to comprehensive data on citizens and businesses for a wide range of purposes. Whether it’s tracing citizens who you have lost track of, verifying their residency at an address, investigating fraud, or informing your debt recovery processes, access to comprehensive data has a significant role to play. This is where Indesser can help.

The Public Sector Gateway leverages the comprehensive data sources that our suppliers provide, resulting in unrivalled breadth, diversity and accuracy of results. It provides access to a series of reports, each providing a focused ‘view’ of our data that is relevant to a particular business process.

Public Sector Gateway with Indesser

These reports are divided into 3 categories:

  • Find: reports that help locate a citizen at their current address using full or partial name and address details.
  • Verify: reports to verify a citizen’s identity, residency at an address, or other personal data.
  • Investigate: reports that provide a complete picture of:
    • a citizen, including their current residency, their financial status and their ability to repay outstanding debt
    • limited companies and non-limited businesses including details of their corporate structure, business address details, the nature of their business, their financial status and director / proprietor data.

All reports generated using the Public Sector Gateway are easy to understand and, as required, additional reports can be generated based on the results of a previous report with just a few clicks. Furthermore, all reports are automatically saved and made available for subsequent retrieval, review and refresh, saving you time and money.

Benefits of Public Sector Gateway

Supports diverse business objectives

Supports diverse business objectives

Helps with eligibility assessment, fraud reduction, debt recovery and investigations

Access focused reports

Access focused reports

Based on comprehensive data enabling you to make fast, accurate and informed decisions for operational and efficiency improvements

Specialised debt management reports

Specialised debt management reports

Trace debtors or view their financial status to help inform debt repayment negotiation

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