Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy underlines our commitment to deliver Social Value.

In October 2020, Indesser signed The Social Mobility Pledge. In doing so, we join a coalition of 450 businesses globally employing over 5 million people, as well as more than 50 universities representing almost 2 million students.

Social Mobility Pledge

The Social Mobility Pledge encourages organisations to be a force for good by putting social mobility at the heart of their purpose.

It is more important than ever for organisations to take steps to boost opportunity and social mobility as we face the challenge of a growing opportunity gap in the wake of COVID-19.

As an organisation we want to be a business that reflects the diversity of the people and businesses that we serve. We want to work with bright, capable, hardworking people of all types who bring new experiences and ideas to what we do.

The Financial Services Sector and particularly Debt Collection is under-represented both in terms of gender balance and Black Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME). We want to address these structural imbalances.

Making the Social Mobility Pledge will require us to take action on each of the following:

  • Outreach: We will work with a college in our local community to provide a schedule of quality careers advice, enrichment experience and mentoring for people of disadvantaged backgrounds or circumstances.
  • Access: By providing structured work experience opportunities to people from disadvantaged backgrounds or circumstances. In doing so we are mindful that our work experience offering must be meaningful, meet the needs of the students and provide an experience which builds confidence and understanding.
  • Recruitment: Continue our ‘open employee’ recruitment journey with our commitment to a diverse and inclusive make-up of the Indesser team, and ensuring that all of those involved in recruitment, as well as our own staff, have completed ‘unconscious bias’ training.

Indesser’s business is reliant on our partners in our supply chain, and we are very thankful for the work they deliver for us. In signing the Social Mobility Pledge we are working with our supply chain to encourage them to also make the pledge.

To learn about the Social Mobility Pledge, or if you belong to an organisation that also wishes to sign up to it, please visit:

In the coming months we will update you on our activities in regard to fulfilling our obligations relating to the Social Mobility Pledge. We really want to share our experience and learnings with you and, hopefully, to learn from you about what else we might do.


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